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Barbara Benagh has been a yoga practitioner for 30 years and her insightful teaching style is renowned for its strength, creativity and emphasis on breath awareness. As both an avid road cyclist and advanced yoga practitioner, Barbara has developed an understanding and appreciation of the benefits of cross training with yoga. Barbara has contributed many articles for the Yoga Journal.

TITLES: Yoga For Beginners, Yoga For Stress Relief, Power Yoga For Every Body, Yoga Complete For Athletes

Karen Garcia is a certified Pilates Instructor known nationally for her warm, yet invigorating style of teaching. Karen has helped thousands of students around the country reap the wonderful benefits of the Pilates system. As a professional dancer, Karen toured with several ballet companies, before a career ending knee injury left her unable to walk without a cane. Her significant physical recovery as well as numerous other benefits resulting from her study of Pilates compelled her to dedicate her career to helping others learn this amazing system. She owns Studio Body Logic® which has several locations in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

TITLES: Pilates Complete For Everyone, Pilates Complete For Weight Loss

JJ Gormley is a certified yoga instructor and has taught thousands of students throughout the world over the past 25 years. She guides students with a warm, non-judgmental style that encourages the expansion of physical, mental and emotional limits within the healthy and stimulating context of yoga. She owns the Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, located in Northern Virginia.

TITLES: Yoga Complete For Every Body

Mary Pappas-Sandonas is renowned for her warm, encouraging and precise approach to teaching yoga. As a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with an M.S. in exercise physiology, Mary has had a keen interest in the mind-body connection for over 20 years. In addition to having taught prenatal yoga classes for many years, Mary has established prenatal yoga programs for medical facilities, including a highly successful fertility program. Mary teaches at the Unity Woods Yoga Center in the Washington D.C. area.

TITLES: Prenatal Yoga Complete, Yoga Complete For Weight Loss

Maggie Rhoades has a longtime interest in how to increase people's flexibility, strength and health through Pilates. As both a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, Maggie has developed new and innovative techniques that allows anyone to enjoy the benefits and the beauty of Pilates.

TITLES: Pilates For Beginners, Pilates Complete For Inflexible People

Judi Rice has been a yoga practitioner for 30 years. She has taught students and trained teachers throughout the United States with a style that reflects the precision and clarity of the Iyengar method.

TITLES: Yoga For Inflexible People, 15 Minute Office Yoga

Meghan White is a nationally known Pilates and fitness instructor who has been featured in many of the foremost fitness, exercise and style magazines in America. As a certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, Meghan has trained thousands of people, either one-on-one or in her highly acclaimed Pilates classes, which are captured for the first time on this DVD. Meghan is especially well known for her energetic style of teaching and fun personality.

TITLES:Perfect Core, Ultimate Body Beginning Workouts For Weight Loss, Ultimate Body Challenging Workouts For Weight Loss, Pilates Complete Sculpt & Tone

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